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2 Pack of Reds - #9 Hot Sauce & Garlic Habanero

2 Pack of Reds - #9 Hot Sauce & Garlic Habanero

These 2 All Purpose Hot Sauces Really Shine with Flavor!

***Save $3.00 on this 2-Pack***

(We recommend them on oysters.)

 - Simply put: The #9 is the ultimate All-Purpose Hot Sauce.  We're anticipating this sauce to land a place on tables in bars, restaurants, and kitchens everywhere!

-  Blaze Gourmet Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce: This specialty just made its debut on Saturday (2/20/10) and instantly became a fan favorite! Loads of garlic dances with fiery habaneros in every bottle. A little paprika (due to Cowboy’s Hungarian heritage) finishes this off perfectly. Not for the faint of tongue.

Price: $15.00