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9-24-10 Update.......... 

The Hot Zone Online (www.thehotzoneonline) was gracious enough to review our Best-Selling Salsa (full unedited review below).  

We're very proud of its deliciousness and hope it positively represents our Rock-N-Roll City of Cleveland, OH!

Next stop on the review train! Cleveland, Ohio! All aboard! That’s right, this latest review is a product from my very own home town, the “Mistake on The Lake”, “The Land of Cleve”, “the Home of Rock and Roll”, “C-town”, Cleveland, Ohio! Cowboy George and Bonnie Bok of Blaze Gourmet sold me this little salsa called “Wild Mustang” which is a Chipotle Black Bean and Corn Salsa. I do so love all of those flavors so let’s see how these two incorporated them into the salsa.

Blaze Gourmet: Wild Mustang Salsa Ingredients: Tomatoes, black beans, onion, corn, turbinado sugar, vinegar, Jalapenos, garlic, Chipotle Chiles, salt, spices.

Like always, I love Blaze’s artsy/trippy/attention grabbing labels. I especially love how he has the Cleveland skyline in the background. Now onto the appearance of the salsa. This is definitely a thick salsa. You can pull out a spoonful and nothing drips off the spoon. The chunks of ingredients are large and all identifiable but not to the point of distraction. They all meld into a community. A community of balance and visual pleasure.

This is interesting, a lot of salsa ingredients play second fiddle to the tomatoes where this one, a lot of the flavors are first THEN the tomatoes hit. Different and unexpected but a pleasant surprise! Right up front is that smokey, chipotle flavor, followed by a hit of corn and black bean. So far, all three flavors touted on the label have hit in almost the same order they are emphasized on the label, no false advertisement there!

After that the garlic comes in to join up with the chipotles to make an awesome, almost roasted salsa like taste. Finally the tomatoes hit with the onions coming in after that and a hint of the turbundo sugar pairs quite well with the tomato. Following that up is the Jalapenos then it closes up with a slight cilantro/basil/greenness with just a hint of salt.

As one might imagine for a Jalapeno and Chipotle based salsa, the heat is a high end mild to low end medium. It’s there, enough so that it got my nose running just slightly, but not enough that I’d say it got me buzzing on the heat.

Alls said and done, this salsa is fantastic. It’s got all the right flavor combos, its inventive in the emphasis of said flavors, it represents it’s home town well, and it’s got a little burn to it that makes you keep coming back for more! My hat’s off to Blaze Gourmet, nicely done.

Taste: 10, Heat: 3.696


5-24-10 Update..........

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend at the Hessler Street Fair!

This weekend was an ABSOLUTE BLAST and we can't wait to party with ya again.


Fun pics available at

Ordering of products available right here at! 


05-20-10 UPDATE: Hessler Street Fair - May 22-23, 2010

Join Us for the Party and Sample Some Delicious Eats!


04-28-10 UPDATE: Hello There Spicy Friends!

A very delicious review of our Sweet n’ Hot Mango and Avocado Jalapeno Hot Sauce was just recently posted at:
If you’re at work and want to look busy, give it a good read!

That being said, enter promotional code ‘BlazeUp’ and instantly receive $3.27 off your entire order. (this is a secret just between us, lol)

Thank You Very Much for All Your Support – See Ya Soon!

03-04-09 BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: (cue dramatic ‘breaking news update’ music)

Blaze Gourmet will be making a surprise appearance at tomorrow’s ‘Tower City Friday with the Artist.’ Stop on by and say “Long Live the Spicy Lifestyle” (with a fist to the sky) to save $1.00 instantly!

Nighty-Night Bed Bugs

01-19-09 Update:

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Anyways, your patience is greatly appreciated and We Won’t Let You Down.
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